To All Hue Man's

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I wrote this just for you and hope that you read it with an open mind and an open heart, you may not appropriate it today, but you will probably come soon within the next 6 months or so. Wait for it...

To Hue Man


A journey of a thousand miles all starts with a single step, what we can accomplish together may not be done in the first 100 days or even the first 1000 days of this administration, it may not even be accomplished in our life time on this planet, but let us begin…                     

~ John F. Kennedy

This was taken from this nation’s most important, historic and iconic speeches of our time, Kennedy knew the dangers we were in then, Trump is also very aware of the dangers we are in today, wishing ill will on either of these men is as about as logical as wishing that the pilot of the plane you in fails…

NOTE: Both of these men Kennedy and Trump are imperfect Hue-Mans, both have character flaws, Kennedy who was considered to be the Greatest President ever and loved by all as the President, however, in his private personal life he was a mess, very sexually promiscuous and yet his vision for this nation was almost flawless. Trump has his traits as well none of which actually prevent him from performing his duties as President and that he is doing and yet if you listen to the media and worse, believe it, they will have you believe he is everything under the sun but good.  And this is not true.

I find it interesting that people will listen to the talking heads on TV talking about this and that when it comes to Trump, but they now believe in the medias hatred for him so much, the people will not listen to the man himself, its wired if you ask me not to mention people who do this are literally braindead and can no longer think for themselves, SAD really sad.

 When Trump stated calling the Media the Enemy of “We The People” it’s true and you better not twist it. The media is not our friend, no way, it is our common enemy and you might want to wise up to it and soon. It’s so obvious now that it should be the first thing you think about every morning. It’s blatantly obvious.

 This type of hatred and rhetoric must stop as it only serves the evil that is perpetrating this narrative. The Deep State evil is losing this battle big time, but they will stop at nothing to take back control, this will never happen, but these evil entities will, fight, fight and fight and so we to must fight to the bitter end.  Because they will never stop until they are either locked up far, far away or dead, that choice will be theirs.

I write this specifically for you, why, because I feel that its important.  Grindr is hardly the place to converse about complex matters and so I write this here in hopes that if is read with an open mind and an open heart.

 I know or at least feel that your either think that I am either a nutty fruitcake or that I just overwhelmed you with thoughts. The reason I say this is because you did not engage in my grindr rants.

 I also know that you’re a damn god person, I can read your energy believe it or not, I am what is known as an empath and can often read people very well though the energy they expound, sometimes I can feel and read the energy of the entire planet it seems and this can be quite overwhelming as you might imagine. So I have to unplug from time to time to recouped and recharge my batteries if that makes since

 I mentioned to you briefly about my Father and how he spent 26 years as I very high ranking officer in the US Navy, his whole mission was based on his ability to read this same energy as I am describing to you, part of his mission was really the very beginning stages of what we all know today as Google Maps, where do you think this technology came from? Always remember, there are no coincidence’s ever, I can tell you that there is a master plan at play here, call it the Architects of your reality. Whatever, call it a divine intervention if you like as that’s also fitting.

He worked in a very high level of security that to this day is still considered Top Secret Marital, however, there are many ways to communicate this type of information without jeopardizing the mission, one such way is by using GEMATRIA, Gematria is a language of code that presented in such a way the once decode the viewer can disseminate the true nature of the message without compromising national security.

There are many different types of Gematria, there is the English version, Latin, old Latin, Hebrew and so on.  Both sides of the current war we are in can really be broken down in to two categories, Dark and Light or Good and Evil, both sides use similar communications to get their message across to their counter parts,   

 Right now on this planet there are literally hundreds of millions of us doing everything in our power to liberate our planet from the evils the likes of which you have no idea that even exists. Sure you know it to some degree but most likely not to the degree I and my father and the many other millions out here are accustomed to seeing and knowing. make no mistake, this evil is very real and its most likely and most likely beyond your current ability to perceive. It’s not for everyone.

You have to understand that there are many layers and levels to everything, most people only see the surface level, the surface level is what the media, schools, religious sectors tell you it is, they cram it down you 24/7/365, where many of us out here can see the many multiple layers, yes... the rabbit hole goes very deep. deeper that you may care to know. Nothing is as it appears on the surface, I cannot emphases this enough.

 Isn’t in interesting, whoever would have ever thought that from a single comment on my profile that it would land you with same strange lunatic dude on grindr of all places right??? yeah I know what you’re thinking, I can smell it a mile away, been here done this many of times and still doing it. So I’m fully aware of these types of knee jerk reactions like the one you’re going though right now, no worries, it’s a fairly common response, it takes time to break down the matrix that you have known your whole life. It’s scary and a complex process to free yourself from the construct you now live, just know, that we are all in this together and that there is absolutely nothing to fear.  we are truly in the middle is now known as “The Great Awakening”

 This awakening process will continue on for many years, it’s been happening really since the beginning of time, its only now that it’s reaching a fever pitch and it’s now time for all of us together to turn the page of our evolution, yes, this is inevitable and there is nothing that can stop what is coming NOTHING. every day, it becomes more and more obvious and will eventually become impossible to ignore. you will eventually be forced to deal with it, you can do this in one of 2 ways, willingly by opening your mind and expanding on your thinking, or have it forced upon you. I recommend the former as its much less painful. but that choice will have to be yours.

 Always remember, if what we think we know is a Drop, then what we don’t know becomes an Ocean.

 As I have mentioned to you already a number of times before but it’s worth repeating…

 “Nothing is as it appears on the surface level”

 A very fitting quote:  

 “it is only by going down into the abyss that we recover the gifts of life, were you stumble, their lays your treasure, the very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you were looking for”                                     

                                                                                              ~ Joseph Campbell


On Grindr I references you to some of my findings and sources for part of the story That I am trying to convey to you listed here plus a few more relevant links and sources.

Just remember, the truth whatever it may be, is your responsibility, We can only show you the door, but its going to be up to you to open it, I know what I did.

 The choice to know will be yours, no one else can do it for you, I cannot tell you the truth even if I wanted to, the truth cannot be told, only learned and again this is your responsibility.

 You have to make a conscious choice to either take the Blue Pill, wake up and dream whatever you want to dream, or take the Red Pill and I can help show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes, the choice is all you.


  • The Art of War - Sun Tzu (Available on Amazon) LINK
  • Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey - Engersoll Lockwood (READ HERE)
  • Pandora’s Box, roughly 600 pages a big read, but extremely well written and sourced document (READ HERE)
  • Everything Is Fake PDF READ HERE (this is what Trump is up against
  • Source Field Investigations 3 volumes about 400 pages each (have Available)
  • Synchronicity Key, roughly 600 pages (have Available)
  • Law of One (have Available)
  • Operation Paper Clip (have Available) READ HERE
  • Operation Mockingbird (have Available) READ HERE
  • Financial Tyranny roughly 500 pages (have Available)
  • 3 part video series by James Rink “Change is on the Horizon” (Shown Below)
  • The Money Masters (YouTube)
  • The Monopoly Men (YouTube)
  • Creature from Jekyll Island PDF (have Available)
  • Q Drops Read Here
  • Indictments by State Read Here
  • Resignations read here
  • Executive Orders Read More
  • Human Trafficking Read Here

If you need help getting started with understanding the Q Drops watch the video below

This is just a small sampling of some of source material that I have in my possession, keep in mind that this is not even 1% of 1% of the totality of information available. There is so much more. This is just barely scratching the surface.

Sadly, this is what most Americans are for the most part unaware of, this all going on all around them, we in the truth community call these unaware people the (normies) or (sleepers) again you’re not going to find any of this information in your public indoctrination camps, whoops… I mean public schools and collages. why? It’s very simple, we are at war and those who used to be in control TPTW do not want or need an informed citizenry because they know that once people wake up from their slumber, we are no longer controllable mindless sheep under this trance like state, this is their greatest fear of all.

President of th e United States of America - Donald J Trump

Ever since Trump announced his Presidency this is when the Deep State and their Propaganda arm The Mainstream Media (MSM) activated all their assets to go after and Attack Trump at every turn, the question you might want to be asking yourself right now is why?

Never in the history of the United States has a president been attacked like Trump has been, the reasons for this are many but the main reason is that Trump knows a lot of what are now his enemies, he was a very successful real state investor and builder out of New York City, yes it’s true, he did a lot of dealing with these people who are now against him, he has a lot of dirt on many of them and they knew that if he became president that it was a real possibility that he would expose them and sure enough, he is and the Deep State are not at all liking it one bit so what did his enemies do combat this?

 Well, should we start with the whole FAKE Russia collusion nonsense or should we start with the Mueller investigation that cost us Tax payers up words of 40 million dollars and wasted 2 full years of our time for nothing, or maybe we should start with the fake impeachment crap…

It was all done to get this man out of office come hell or high water, the deep state will stop at nothing and their still trying, everything they tried so far has failed miserably, and now just the other day, House Speaker Nancy Moron Pelosi is talking about starting a new investigation on Trump. Not because they actually have anything mind you, all this is being done to distract and misdirect the attention of the American People, the question is, why do they need all this distraction in the first place, now that’s the real question isn’t it.

Gee, do you think it might have something to do with all the criminality of their own shit, the Obamas, the Clintons, the Bushes, The House, the Senate, the Corporations who benefit very handsomely due to all the corruption in Washington, do you think Trump coined the phrase “Drain The Swamp” was created for no apparent reason? Think people, think.

This attack however is really not about Trump as much as it is about We The People: these monsters doing all this are really doing this against us, they hate us and worse, they hate America, they have sold us out to china, this is why they attempted to get all of our 100% focus on Russia with the fake Russia collusion hoax, the media needs distractions so it uses the oldest trick in the book, Don’t look here, look over hear instead, they knew if our focus was on China that we would catch on to the real scams on the American people, this is where the real crimes took place, China, indecently, Wasn’t it Wuhan China where the COVID-19 was manufactured? Hummm…coincidence? Come on people think, learn to think logically instead of emotionally like the media wants you too. If you are following media and worse believing in it, you are being used as cannon fodder.

And for you idiots out there reading this are thinking or wishing that the President of the United States fails is as logical as wishing that the pilot flying the plane your traveling on fails, think about that, most likely, whatever hatred you may have of Trump is most likely a product of the MSM propaganda machine who you are probably following and worse, believing blindly without any knowledge what so ever of what’s really actually happening, so stop it already, just stop it, your blind hatred is helping no one what so ver.

Operation Paperclip

Operation Paperclip was a secret program of the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) largely carried out by special agents of Army CIC, in which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians, such as Wernher von Braun and his V-2 rocket team, were taken from Germany to the United States, for U.S. what does this mean? It means that the Nazi war never actually ended, it moved itself to the United States, changed its name to the Democrat Party, now just think about that for a minute and let it sink in.

Operation Mockingbird

Essentially, Operation Mockingbird is a covert operation setup by the CIA back in the early 60’s it was a plan to take over the media and then to use it to control the information coming out of it, however, it was as far back in 1911 right before the Federal Reserve Act, the Tax Act and the Stamp Act’s were put into place, more on this later, but the bankers, Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Chase, Morgan Stanly and a few others needed a way to control the newspapers as to what was to be reported so they could hide behind a fictitious account of what was actually happening, it was decided that they needed to control more than half of the nation’s largest newspaper, so they ended up buying them out, fired all the editors and installed their own editors who willingly and knowingly suppressed certain information from getting out, this is how they successfully controlled what and when information if any was to be reported. This way, no one would be the wiser. 

Today, this type of control has since spilled over into books, magazines, TV, Hollywood and so on. A little research and you’ll discover that at one time, this nation used to have several hundred different sources and news agencies, today however, they have all dried up have been bought out and are now owned by a handful of conglomerates who control the narrative and what you end up with is the illusion of choice, if you look at CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox as I stated, their mostly now owned by the same conglomerate, today a lot of this comes under the umbrella of the Disney family of networks, trust me, this machine does not have our best interest in mind. And that’s putting it mildly.

All this media and yet, they all get the very same 4am talking points of what to cover for the day, we no longer have investigative reporters, instead what we have agents that work for the Deep State Cabal and have become our true enemy of “We The People”  Donald Trump did not coin the phrase FAKE NEWS because their good honest people, do you honestly think that the President of the United States might know a thing or two that you don’t, giving his resources of national security at his command com’on, grow up already.

 The Deep State or Cabal and their propaganda machines known as the Mainstream Media (MSM) need you and everyone in a constant state of fear and divided, why do you think the media lies to you every single day Ad nauseam? It’s to convince you that you need them to protect you from the enemy when in fact, they themselves are our common enemy, you just need to recognize your real enemy, because it’s not me Trump or the patriots, although they, the Media will have you believe that I we are, this is how the system controls you like mindless sheep, like it or not, believe it or not, it’s true, you are living in a construct created by the Architects of the Matrix and it’s high time you see and look at it for what it is.

Watch the below video, it will show you a lot about just how corrupt and fake the MSM really is, if this does not clue you in, I honestly don't know what will.

You might just a s well watch the whole video, but here are some highlights for those of you with short attention spans.

At the 00:11:31 Mark: Project Vritas once again exposes CBS News blatantly making up FAKE News about COVID-19 testing, these people are sick.

At the 00:14:44 Mark: a clip from the Movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" this is very interesting and telling, showing us that humans are only willing to make the necessary changes when they are faced with A breaking point.  Truth is all around you...

At the 00:24:23 Mark: 4am Talking points that the FAKE NEWS media reads to you from the same script as every other news channel across this nation, coincidence? the question is where are the scripts coming from or better yet, who is controlling the narrative? We no longer have investigative reporting; we have agents posing as reporters.

At the 00:26:33 Mark: Once again, the Media Parrots, Reporters, whoops.... I mean Agents repeating exactly what their told to say, who is behind writing what’s on the teleprompters????

Wake up people, you are in a slumber, a trance, a dream, a matrix… can you see it now?

So instead of wasting your time and energy on FAKE NEWS Legacy Media ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX, MSDNC

We now have an Army of Digital Soldiers in our mix so you might want to try the many other news outlets such as Epoch Times

There are many other digital Soldiers on YouTube | Facebook | Twitter


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Now, I suspect that you may want to block me on Social Media, that’s fine I get it, but one day probably sometime within the next 6 months, you’re going to start seeing things, things that are going to make you start questioning, when or how, I honestly don’t know, but it’s coming now like a freight train and we need as many people on deck as possible.  Why, because we need to be there for many people for when it hits because it’s literally going to be biblical, make no mistake.

 If you do end up blocking me, just remember me when you start seeing what I am trying t convey to you, in the end, you’re really not going to have a choice in the matter, you’re either going to learn this by choice or by force. My job is to help lesson the psychological reaction you’re going to have as much as possible.  Then and only then you’ll think, god, that crazy guy on Social Media mentioned something about all this, I should have paod attention and listened, but at some point and all of a sudden things are  going to click for you, you’re going to understand at least to some degree and hopefully I will have made your transition into the coming new reality a much more enjoyable experience as we transition, honestly, it’s going to be very, very rough and challenging for a whole lot of people, so fasten your seat belts kids, you’re going for a ride.

 To give you an idea of the magnitude and scope of what’s coming, right now there are 164,946 Sealed indictments on the Federal books, this is just in the last 3 years, in the US alone and under normal conditions there are only about 1200 indictments/year, also in the last 3 years there have been 12,000 + resignations from CEO’s to government officials, Actors, Executives not just in the US but globally, What’s going on?  Our world is changing and it’s no longer business as usual, make no mistake.  

 Interesting to note is that each sealed indictment can have up to 99 people in each one, more if the indictment Is for a corporation because everyone that works for said corporation is essentially under indictment.  Indictment means that a grand jury has already determined the outcome of the case and judgment day is basically the arrest and procedure that must take place. Think Congress, Senate, Mayors, Governors, The Crown, The Vatican, Churches, Teachers, Universities, Bankers, Lawyers, Attorneys, Judges, Hollywood etc. etc.  this is big and it’s all coming to a theater near you.

 Remember, nothing can stop what’s coming, NOTHING...

I could literally go on and on and on with this stuff for the rest of my life and never actually finish telling you the story, but I truly hope that you will one day look back on this and see, I was only trying to help you and others make this transition as pleasurable as possible because the Shit is about to hit the Fan.

You are currently being suppressed 24/7/365 by the architects of this illusion (Matrix) that you now live in, however, once you unlock the true spirit within, you will begin to realize and understand that you are much more powerful and valuable than you could passably even begin to imagine right now in your current but somewhat limited understanding.

 This is why the media is there, it's there to hold you back, to keep you just smart enough to do a job but dumb enough to allow them to continue on their true evil mission, they, the machine men with their machine minds need you, they feed off you and any and all negative energy that they can muster up in you, this is why they need you in a constant state of fear and uncertainty. You’re are the very reason they even exist. once you tap into your power, they instantly go away, it’s that simple.

COVID-19 Pandemic - Real or Imaginary? both?

As for Corona or more commonly known as COVID-19, make no mistake, it is real people have died, people have been sick, however as I mentioned to you before, ask yourself some serious questions.

Where is the hysteria over car accidents, the Common Flu Cancer, Aids, Drug addiction, pedophilia, child and human sex trafficking rings, all of these things singlehandedly have far more deaths then COVID-19 could ever dream of and yet there is no hysteria on any of it, ask yourself why? don;t just brush it off, ask yourself a serious question.

 Did you know that the COVID-19 Virus was created in a Lab and manufactured in Wuhan China, the very Same place that synthetic Adrenochrome was manufactured, remember there are no coincidences? What is Adrenochrome you ask? good question... well I’ll leave that for another day as this will make your heart bleed when you figure it out but its going to be important to know, do a simple google image search for Adrenochrome and start putting the dots together.

 How was Corona COVID-19 financed?  It was largely financed by the World Health Organization (WHO) which is basically very heavily financed by Bill and Malanda Gates, Gorge Soros, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfre to name a few and together just these 4 individuals donated 47 Billion Dollars for the cause and creation of COVID-19 why? well the sort answers is population control and Profit, the profit comes from thir Vaccines that will probably end up being far more deadly than COVID-19 but the larger answers can be found in looking at and researching Eugenics, Agenda 21 and now Agenda 2030. All of which these same individuals are part of. This is why Trump just disassociated the US from its association from the WHO and stopped all funding to the WHO, think logically. like it or not, beleive it or not, we are at war between Light and Dark forces, don't get it twisted.

Dr. Fauci knew about HCQ in 2005 -- nobody needed to die

Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose “expert” advice to President Trump has resulted in the complete shutdown of the greatest economic engine in world history, has known since 2005 that chloroquine is an effective inhibitor of coronaviruses... read more

There is good reason that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Berks, the World Health Organization (WHO), Bill and Malinda Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffet, The Media and Deep State need to suppress and ridicule Chloroquine at every turn, why? Because if a cheap natural cure becomes available, their goes their profits on the deadly vaccines that thy plan on selling to you. 

If this is not criminal than I don't know what is, what I do knows is that this will not be tolerated, these people all need to be in prison for treason NOW. They are the true enemies of “We The People” make no mistake about it.  And if you are one to praise any of these evil people, you absolutely need your head examined and are clearly part of the problems we are facing though your ignorance.

This is why Trump is putting Dr. Berks and Fauci front and center of the COVID-19 Task force so they they can expose themselves in the process, nothing like putting all this under the spot light. If you can’t see this, then you’re not paying attention, wake up.


These people are sick.

When you think of Adrenochrome, you can probably start with the recent arrest of Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein both recently arrested and imprisoned, ask yourself this one very important question, when does a Bird Sing?  When they are caged and especially in the spring time… do you think these two monkeys might be singing right about now trying to make a better deal for themselves... you better believe they are.

 We all know that Jeffery Epstein has been reported that he committed Suicide right? however, I have reason to believe that this may be false why? well because, think of it this way,Epstein has a whole lot of dirt on whole a lot of people in very high places, these people do not have humanities best interest in mind, I believe he, Epstein may be still alive under very heavy guarded conditions to keep him alive long enough to appear as witness when the time is right, but I can neither confirm or deny this at this time so we will have to wait and see.  As I always say, nothing is as it appears to be on the surface, whatever the case, he at the very least most certainly did not commit suicide.

Another thing that you might need to know so that you can better understand the scope and width of whats happening.

DARPA what is it?
what is LifeLog?

The Official name for the acronym (DARPA) is (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) this is a Roque institution just like the CIA is a Roque institution parading itself as an officail governmental organization, however, either were lawfully ratified by congress whitch is a requirement by law and the constitution of these United States.

So what is DARPA really? well it was put into place to basically gather as much information on the American people as possible, how did they do this? in short answer, think Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and many other social media platforms, it was  LifeLog that later turned into Facebook the same day that LifeLog ended, Facebook became live, do you really beleive that Facebook was created and designed by 3 pot smoking college students lol, now that’s funny, but that's the story that they need you and everyone to believe.  I’m not sure, but it would not surprise me in the least if Grindr is or was also under DARPA and LifeLog unbrellas control, I don’t know if this is true. it's just a thought.

I do know that recently Grindr was owned by a tech Company in China, the US State department sent a Notice to the Company and told them that basically that they had 2 choices, either sell Gindr to a US Based Company or end any and all Grindr service in the US, the reason for this was decided because it was becoming clear that a National Security was a concern.

Grindr was launched on March 25, 2009 by tech entrepreneur Joel Simkhai in Los Angeles, California. By August 2009, there were 200,000 total users in Grindr's network. By March 2010, there were 500,000

In January 2016, Grindr announced that it sold a 60% stake in the company to a Chinese gaming company, Beijing Kunlun Tech, for $93 million.

 By 2017, the app was averaging 3.6 million daily users

Kunlun purchased the remainder of the company for $152 million in January 2018

In March 2019, Kunlun started seeking for a buyer of Grindr after the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (US State Department) informed Kunlun that having the app owned by a Chinese company poses a national security risk. This also led Kunlun to halt its plans for an IPO for Grindr.

In January 2020, an Italian app development firm named Bending Spoons offered $260 million to purchase Grindr from Kunlun Tech.

In March 2020, Kunlun announced that it will sell its 98.59% stake in Grindr to a U.S.-based San Vicente Acquisition LLC which comprises of a group of entrepreneurs and investors in the technology, media and telecommunications industries who purchased Grindr for $608.5 million.

All this comes at the heels of another China based company Aiwa who were manufacturing parts used in US Aircraft including US Military aircraft that were discovered to also be a national security threat to the US, Trump and The US State Department put an end to any dealings with Aiwa or any company that is potentially harmful to US interest and national security. The parts used in aircraft as it turns out were found to be purposely defective and remote controllable, so at any time, a china operative could down virtually any aircraft in the US without even stepping foot on US soil. Not a good place to be.

There are no coincidences.

Qanon, Q Drops, Q Boards, Q

What is Q, well, using Gematria (17) is the numerical value of Q.

Qanon and the Q Drops started on October 29th 2017 on a board called 4chan, later on it moved its operations to 8Chan, today it’s now on a board called 8kun.

Q is basically an Intelligence Dissemination Program, why was this needed? It’s needed because the media is now so corrupt and fake that both the Military and The Trump Administration needed a way to communicate directly with “We The People” allowing us to bypass the fake and corrupt media.

Since this all started, the media has been nonstop attacking the whole Q movement, this alone should give you reason to pause and think. Why, if it’s a (LARP) or Live Action Role Play game, why would the media bother attacking It so hard if it was not real? Good question. Knowing that the media is corrupted and fake, you need to think opposites, whatever the media says, reverse it and you’ll be a lot closer to the truth then what they want you to know or think, this is how they roll.

The truth is, 8kun when you actually do proper research you’ll find that the site is actually hosted at IP addresses through and guess where these IP Range addresses lead you? Can you guess? look it up and you might be surprised that this IP Range belongs to the Department of Defense (DOD) own servers, so why in the hell would the DOD host such a website if this was nothing but a LARP that the fake news wants you to believe, again, think logically.  Coincidence? Com-on… wake the hell up people. The truth is in front of you, it’s all around you. Can’t you see it?

Q Drops have to be decoded sometimes using Gematria, sometimes using Time and Date Stamps, sometimes using images and sometimes using what is known as the Q-Clock, Gematria is a code language used by both sides of this war, there are many different variations of Gematria but essentially once you figure out what variation was used, you can decode the message, why was this important. National Security, Trump and the Patriots can’t come right out and tell us point blank, this that or the other things, it has to be done in the form of presenting questions and codes, once decoded we and those who understand can then write about it on blogs ot talk about it in videos and other social media to help inform everyone else.  General Flynn calls us Digital Solders, We are the media now, the legacy media is now officially dead.

The only reason the media is allowed to continue with their rhetoric is so that they expose themselves and people can see what they are really doing, you can’t just tell people things, sometime you have to show them, can you see it now? It’s fairly obvious by this point. You might need to put away your FAKE hatred for Trump, let’s face it, you feel that way only thanks to the media fake news BS. Stop the rhetoric and start thinking for yourselves. Its time don’t you think?

A great lesson in Sun Tzu book “The Art of War”  

“Never get in the way of an enemy that’s in the process of destroying itself”

This is what the Deep State and their Propaganda arm MSM are doing every day, their literally destroying themselves. Its’ actually quite brilliant when you step back and look at it, but I digress.

 “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”

~ Sun Tzu



We are at war of biblical proportions.  This war is literally a fight for planet earth.

I know this is a lot of information that’s being thrown at you the reader, so take your time and go though it a little each day, as your mind expands, you will start to grow, do not fear as there is nothing to fear.  just know that there is indeed darkness on this planet and the only way humanity can rid of this darkness once and for all is for us to be aware of its existence, if we all simply try and hide under a rock and continue to try and pretend it away, then this evil will continues to rule this world, and yes, it really is that simple. So do your part.

 It’s now time that each of us pick a side in this invisible war, either you are part of the problem, or your part of the solution, choose wisely and join us on the right side of history. because,  reckoning day is upon us.

If you made it this far, congratulations great job... if you find yourself laughing and snickering at any of this, then chances are, you are part of the problem. it's called Cognitive Dissonance

Yesterday was His-Story but tomorrow will be Her-Story








Below is the Shadow Gverenment, When Trump is talking about the invisible enemy, this is what he's really talking about  Study it, pay attention.

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