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This blog is kind of all over the place, it’s my hope that it sheds some light onto a very deep and complex and yet somehow simplistic world view of the world we live in, the information below is barely scratching the surface on the almost unlimited depths that this actually goes. if you

"It is only by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you were looking for. "                                               

                                                                                        ~Joseph Campbell


This blog will be a work in progress as it’s a big, big story, but in simple terms, it all basically has to do with some of my personal conclusion’s and theories as to the why, how and when humanity has gone off course and gotten itself so fucked up as many of us are witnessing today, especially those of us within the so called “gay culture” arena, this becomes abundantly clear when using apps like “Grindr” and other such apps or websites, in truth, it really makes no difference what app or website you use to get our latest hookup, sex-up or fantasy fix, the end results of each one will Ultimately end up with relatively the same result as each one is really nothing more than just different versions of the same imaginary illusions being played out when you get right down to it.  It’s all a game, life truly is just an illusion that blinds us from the truth and much larger picture.

Interesting side note: What comes to mind right now as I write this is the idea and theory that seems to keep popping up recently, the theory is that we live within some sort of “simulation reality” type program, I have no idea really as I’m not that smart but I can see where this idea might end up being more true, We shall see…

As you read my words of with, it will become important to keep in mind as you read along that these writings and ideas are my opinions only and it will become important that in order for you, the reader to better and fully understand and to fully grasp these opinions and concepts of how I derived at these conclusion that you form your own opinions by doing your own due diligence and research so that you may form your own objectionable opinions based on your own findings because you may see or find things a bit differently than I do and you may come to similar or different ideas than I do or did.  In the end, it’s really your creation and has been all along.

Try and read all this with an open mind, open heart and open soul, just not so open that your brains fall out LOL… personal discernment is your responsibility, not mine, I can only be responsible for what I say, it’s your responsibility of how you choose to interpret the things I say, so let us keep that in mind shall we.

Realize that Truth belongs to no man, it is not mine nor is it yours to give, truth can only be learned, it cannot be told, truth needs no sound, no music, no movies and it needs no introduction or help from anyone of us or at any time, truth stands proudly on its own, truth just is, it’s really up to each of us to either except the truth for what it is or, we may choose too willingly and blindly deny it at all cost, or we can choose to live under Its counterpart known as illusion, the mind is a funny thing, it’s not possible to see all and know all about anything and because of this, the mind that often operates with a large portion of EGO, mind will attempt to fill in the blanks of the story and this is how rumors and opinions are made up and then propagated.

If we think of truth in terms of the (Space/Time Continuum” then logic should tell you that no two people can ever experience anything exactly the same, similar perhaps, but never exactly the same, why? simply put, no two people can ever take up the same time/space or reside in the same time/space at the same time therefor, what you see, feel or scenes from your perspective will differ slightly then everyone else as the universe never stops evolving, to put it in other terms, think of it this way, my light, that is the light that comes into my eyes is mine and the light you see is your light and it belongs only to you, you cannot see mine and I cannot see yours. There are of course more scientific evidence and research on all this, but I’ll leave that task up to you, right now, were talking about my illusion… LOL… it’s also to help make this story as less confusing as possible if that’s even at all possible.

OK, so now that we have all the particulars out of the way, let’s get started.

WOW… where to start?  well this is going to be a very convoluted and complicated story but I’ll do my best to make this as clear and easy as possible to follow along, just know that it may prove difficult giving the amount of data or information that’s involved in getting to the point of all this.

Let us start this journey with what I call “The Inviable War” this invisible war has been playing along in the background for eons of time, really since the beginning of time and it’s still going on to this very day, in fact, the evidence is now becoming quite clear and even the most braindead of us are now seeing it play out on to the surface whee it can easil been known, many still may not know what it is their witnessing but it’s for sure very interesting from my perspective to say the least, but more on this later.

it’s only now during this time that this invisible war is becoming more and more visible and obvious for and by more and more people, in fact, it’s so well known today that a hashtag has been created in its honor known as #TheGreatAwakening, this hashtag become #1 back about a year ago on Twitter until Twitter changed their algorithms that left it in the dust, that’s ok because the truth got out there and today more people are growing ever increasingly becoming stronger and more aware now more than ever before.

I can personally see it all as clear as day and the interesting thing is, once you become aware of something, anything, it’s very difficult if not impossible to become unaware of it right, as you grow and expand your thinking on all this, you’ll find your ability to recognize it in almost every aspect of your life, it’s kind of like watching the inner workings of the “Matrix” but it all becomes much easier and clearer as the days keep rolling forward like clockwork. What’s happening now is that we’re witnessing huge light waves coming in from the cosmos and the surf it’s creating is being ridden by all sides of the war and I must say, what a fantastic wave it is WOW… Surf that wave and you’ll never be bored and you might even be in complete awe of its powers.

One of the best place to start might be the whole subject of transgender, sexual identities, the gender movement and so on, these types of issues I believe are all 100% pure bullshit, why? Why would I say such things?

Well, I fully believe that all this sexuality BS is actually a psychological war that was created to fulfill a very specific and sinister agenda by the deep state cabal, it’s things like this that have caused society to hate one another, to divide us, to stress us, to confuse us and so what happens as a result of such programs is we all end up infighting with each other all the while the evil doers who created this mess are busy stealing, cheating and controlling us blind, to accomplish this goal this evil system has made all this sexism transgender and pronouns BS, it’s all 100% crap that has been used. It’s all been weaponized for all the wrong reasons. This was done by some fairly evil yet crafty entities here on spaceship earth?

OK… by who and for what purpose would anyone instigate this type of insanity? Yeah…  I know I can hear you. It all Sounds crazy right??? Well hold on, let’s think about things a bit deeper and explore this rabbit hole a bit deeper.



Alex Jones of inforwars, a person I do not care for many reason, but the mostly due to his antics and lunacy ways, he sounds like a raving lunatic, one of the stories he did was a rant on how the government was turning frogs gay, sounds silly right, well as it turns out Jones was right.

However and as with all things in the internet reality conundrum things often become so convoluted and confusing that it’s hard to believe anything, and this too is part of the Deep States ways of controlling the narrative, but in any case, as it turns out, there is a largely used chemical called "atrazine" it's a Pesticide  used by the truckload all across this nations farming, ok so what’s the big deal you ask, well according to the Research, Science and Environment Department at Berkley, it's been shown that "atrazine" in large quantities can cause male frogs into female frogs, now what happens when all these pesticides end up in our water supply? what effects might all this cause on humans, I mean if it has the ability to turn male frogs female, can it do the same thing to humans?  iand f so, what does this do to society over time? we do see a sudden increase in the last 10 or so years with the feminization of men these days and this is especially true in the younger of us, is this all related, IDK, but if I had to guess, I would say yes, of course much more research needs to be done, the question also comes to mind, if all this is true, was it done purposely or is this all just a coincidence.?

We see people all over the place acting out their frustrations, they want/need instant gratification, a quick sexual act, they want it now and it’s all become very superficial and radicle, it’s kind of scary actually on many levels, but our culture has become rife with this type of mind set as a result of this mass hypnoses, people no longer think logically but rather emotionally and lash out to anyone who disagrees with their view point, the problem is, their viewpoint has become skewed and in many cases illogical and what we end up with is a whole segments of society so uneducated, lost, brainwashed or braindead that many are o longer able to think in any real or meaningful or logical manner. They just want what they want and they want it NOW mentality.  And it’s sad. Really sad.

Humanity has not yet been lost altogether, but it’s fairly clear that it’s broken, hopefully our humanity is not all lost or beyond repair, but it’s going to be a long, long fight to bring it back.  How do you bring it back, IDK, this is now a global issue that will be unable to be ignored for much longer, but I remain forever hopeful that it will eventually, perhaps past my human life time all work out.

I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual one, in this reality we wear these meat suits in order to survive in this dimension, but there is so much more to us and our existence that’s been hidden if not surprised from our knowing and once we live out our human life, we will venture into other realms of existence where we can finally enjoy the benefits of our teachings in this human reality here on spaceship earth, it’s been said many of times, earth is the training program, this I don’t know for sure, it’s more of just a feeling for me than anything, an inner knowing that I really have no words in our somewhat barbaric and limited vocabulary to describe or explain what it is I see and feel.  All I do know is that this feeling has been with me my entire life, it’s very strong and sometimes, I even have visions coming to me. So not sure.  But I trust the plan even though I don’t really fully understand it all in human terms.
Now we will venture into NAZI Germany, it was during the Nuremburg trials where everyone that was supposedly involved in crimes against humanity were called in to court and face their accusers and eventually be arrested and then jailed at least the top echelons of the war were right? isn’t that the story that we were taught in our failed school systems, another rabbit hole to venture down into, Hey I warned you, this story is huge, massive, it’s reaches far beyond the imagination, but anyway, that’s the story we were told? The question is, were they really arrested and jailed?   Or is that just they needed us to believe? Question everything and demand answers. Hey, don’t Take my word for it, but don’t simply take their word for either. Js. Expand your thinking…

I am sure some were jailed yes, but many of the engineers, physicist and scientist where actually commissioned by certain “Deep State” members implanted in the US Government to make their way into the United States where they could continue  their secret projects, OK but why and what does any of this have to do with to the insanity that were seeing today you ask? Well that’s a good question, these people were brought to the US over time eventually worked their way into our government and quite literally took over the democrat party where they could continue their big plans to rule the entire earth, this was essentially the creation of what we now call The Deep State or Cabal. Yes, this is all real and very provable happenings. It just takes willingness and braveness to discover its findings

I know, I know this is a huge rabbit hole that were crawling into here but in order to fully understand the scope and magnitude of all this, we have to paint the picture so you can understand where all of this is coming from. This one of the reasons this can be all so complex and not easily known or understood by the masses within the US and still is to this day and understandably so, the wool that’s been pulled over our eyes have truly blinded us on a massive scale, it’s where the phrase “Pulling the wool over your eyes” comes from.

Today, it is now these same Deep State members that have infiltrated our government, in reality, we have not had a true Republic or governmental body in the US since the District of Columbia Act of 1871, maybe more on this later but keep that in mind as it’s an important aspect to all this hoopla. Very important in fact. But I don’t want to get you too mired in too many details, if you need clarifications on anything written here you can certainly ask and we can dig deeper into each rabbit hole as we go along.


The Media Industrial Complex has been taken over by the C_A (CIA) the CIA is not really what most people think it is, it’s not even a legitimate governmental organization, the reason being is that it was never lawfully ratified but rather inserted though, lies, manipulations, fabrications and events that give it acts of treason,  it’s basically a rouge entity posing itself as a legitimate intelligence organization and body, but it’s really everything not associated with securities or intelligence, at least not the way we think it is, so anyway, the media if you look far back in the early days used to be owned by something like 160 different owners not centralized, however and though the years it has all been systematically consolidated to the point today that all media worldwide is now owned by 4 or 5 conglomerates who though research turns out are all are or where members within the CIA, Deep State Cabal and it’s this sliver of the Deep State that created what we now know as “Operation Mockingbord”  operation paperclip was instituted by the CIA and this is also well documented fact but, more research on this will be needed on your part, but in essence, they created this operation to take over and use the media as another tool to brainwash the citizens on a mass scale in order to gain better controls over the population and for the most part , it worked very effectively and this sinister program is still in operation to this very day, have you watched CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC lately, to me it should be obvious with what they’re doing, but sadly for some people it’s still perceived as unbiased and truth, this is how they suppress any information that goes against this system out of sight so you never know, sadly many people still only follow and worse, believe the lies and crap the MSM tells them, it’s actually becoming somewhat dangerous wat their doing. Hence all the law suits that are now in full motion not in the media’s favor.

The MSM is nothing more today than Weapons of Mass Disruption.

Today you can see all their untruths and lies no matter what channel you tune too you’ll get the same sound bits of nonsense, the media gets their 4am talking points and this is the garbage that gets spewed out in mass causing a mass hypnoses trance like state that many of us witnessing today in how people are acting. It’s everywhere.  We don’t have reporters anymore, we have teleprompt readers who know nothing about anything, all their doing is reading a script that the Deep State so desperately uses to hold on to what remaining power they have left.

They have very little power left at this point, I believe we’re now seeing the collapse or at least the beginning of the collapse of this Deep State Operation Paper Clip Media shit show propaganda machine come to an end. I can literally see the cracks in the wall so as far as I’m concerned, it’s just a matter of time, so we will have to wait and see how long it takes but we now know that end is near and it’s on record that CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, NYT, ABC, NBC and others are all currently receiving mass amounts of fairly large lawsuits against all of them and this will eventually lead to bankrupting them out of existence. I believe right now the largest lawsuit that was recently filed is in the sum of 2 Trillion Dollars, this has to do with lies, deception depravation of character, treason against the United States and Crimes against humanity for the purpose of control.

These deep state members are now feeling the wrath of their criminalities as the evidence for the first time is finally manifesting itself into reality as we speak, just know that

(MK-ULTRA) mind control

Yes, MK-Ultra is a real thing, it’s just one of many technologies originally developed by the NAZI’s during the war, during that time they used severe abuse and pain on humans to create multiple personalities and each personality would be used to perform different and various tasks, today in the US these MK-Ultra technologies are a lot more refined and humane, today humans are hooked in with wires and machines but the end results are the same, if we use our time machine and go back and have a look at all the school shootings of late that have taken place such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, I can’t remember all the names but their where the theater shootings too, that latest school shooting in Florida, the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Florida, and on and on.

When we look closer, we start to see and recognize the similarities in every single shooting. You’ll have to take the time, but if you look at all the court hearings where these shooters are sitting in court, they all have that same blank empty stare in their eyes, this is a clear sign that their all under MK-Ultra mind control, because how MK-Ultra works, is that one person that now has split personality, the person under MK-Utra control can be triggered and off they go to perform as task, in many cases, these task are used in mass shootings such as  schools, theaters or it could be to take out a single individual.

What happens is that, the personality that did the shooting is not the same personality that’s now sitting in court, the person sitting in court has virtually no idea in the world what’s even going on because the personality that did the shooting is not the same personality that is now sitting in court, one personality does not and cannot see anything of what the other personality did. But because of electrical signals that are administered to the brain to create these personality, what happens is that the brain becomes scattered and confused, and the result is evidence by there blank stares that we often see in MK-Ultra victims,sadly these types of operations happens much more frequently than I care to know but do.

For me, It’s painful to witness because there is not one god damn thing I can do to stop it other than make others aware of what’s really going on here. Its sick, these deep state and cabal members are sick creatures, and people call me the crazy one  LOL  sad but true. I’ve been called every name in the book trust me on that.

Now to be clear, I can’t necessarily connect all these dots when it comes to MK-Ultra and School shootings, what I can tell you is that these dots are side by side.


Food also known as (Franken food)

Food has also become weaponized as well, people have now become so addicted to some foods many are literally eating themselves to death in ways that would have been unimaginable 20, 30 50 years ago and obesity is now become a worldwide problem on a mass scale. Additives have been added to cause addiction and this is just one more weapon against humanity.


Words are a very interesting one for me, in fact I love to play on words, but in reality, every word has many different meanings, sometimes hundreds of different meanings, this as you may guess make it very difficult for us to communicate effectively, it also creates for an environment that can and has been used against humanity and the English language is said come to us from  baal, an evil god who sole purpose is to cause confusion and dispare.

Example of some words that I find most interesting, take the word “understand” what does it mean?  Good question, the answer is, the context of the word and setting dictates what the word means, when two people are having a simple conversation and one says to the other, do you understand me, we all pretty well recognize its meaning, however, if you find yourself in a court of law, the same word “understand” carries a whole new meaning, it’s called word magic and its being played on us constantly everywhere we go we are being manipulated, but if a judge in a court setting ask you if you understand, what he/she is actually asking you is a bit sinister what they are asking is “Do You Agree That You Stand Under Me” and if you answer the question “Yes” without knowing what the judges version of the word then you’ll likely either end up in jail or be forced at the hands of deception to pay big penalties for something you have no idea happened.  

But hey, don’t worry, it’s just business, courts today are not courts of justice, it’s all based on deception, lies, confusion and confiscation, it’s all designed to extract As much money (energy) from you and transfer it though deception over to JUSTICE and what does the word “Justice” mean?  It’s Just Us in other words, it’s all about them, hell, justice flew out the window long, long time ago. It’s all word magic folks and it’s a huge issue in our now brainwashed and blinded culture.

Another word that I find interesting is “currency” we think of this word as money or dollars, but interestingly enough it’s not, it’s about commerce on the open seas and Admiralty Maritime Law or law of Water. Let me ask you, How do ships cross the seas?  They use the “current of the sea” or currency, think words were ever made up of some half hazard chance, guess again.  It’s all calculated and planed beyond your wildest imaginations, so much so that you may reject these notions right now, go ahead, the choice to know will be yours to make.  It’s Interesting stuff.

What does a river bank do? it controls the flow "juice" of the current sea, the word bank is actually spelled Banc in latin and Banc can also be translated to Bench witch is also what a Judge sits on, what is a judge? a Judge is nothing more then a reffery in a court, he watches the ball being passed back and forth much like in a basketball court, trust me when I say, words ar not just made up by som half instance random coincidence. fact is, their are no such thing as coinicidence. its all very interesting but deep.

There are many words that I find interesting, let’s try one more example, ahh... here is a good one “person” what is the deffinition of the word “person”? Well again it all depends on who, where and when you’re asking the question, for example, in black’s law 2nd Edition a person is defined as A living, blood flowing through its veins human, however, the word “person” in Black’s Law 9th Edition states that a person is... now get this, drum rool please... an "Enemy Combatant of the State"…   how interesting is that? and why the change in attitude?, what's up with all this. thats a really good question isn't it.

One of the more interesting words for me although their are many is the word “Hollywood” and here we can all relate this word to movies, fame, riches, and style and entertainment right, well in reality, it’s none of that and while it can be very entertaining, its real magic actually comes from the word itself, so we have to ask, where does the word "Hollywood" derive its name? it’s directly related to the "Magic Wand" wait, what??? how do you get Hollywood out of Magic wand you ask?  Well its interesting because Hollywood is all about the Magic, the illusion that everyone loves so much.

Now, Hollywood’s original intent may have been benevolent but over time, it too was taken over by the Cabal and used as a mass indoctrination program, today it’s a very dark and evil place rife with ill intent, many people have sold their soul to it and are now in so deep they have a hard time getting out, think of Michael Jackson, Whitney Huston, Robbin Williams and so many others who lost their lives in their attempts to get out and expose Hollywood for what it has become.  with it's satanic rituals and blood sacrifices and child and sex trafficking out of Hollywood are massive, it’s just now starting to be exposed and those flood gates of this information is about to burst into a tidal wave.

Recently one of the bigger fish, Harvey Weinstein has been taken out and sent to Ryker’s Island until his next court case where he also faces many sex charges against him, it’s likely that he will spend the rest of his days behind bars. And rightfully so.

Also Jeffery Epstein, who did not kill himself IMO, I believe he was taken out by the Criminals who are more famously known as The Clintons, why? well because Epstein was not as big of a fish as Weinstein, but instead was a front man for a much bigger and sinister operation of child sex and trafficking rings and had bribes on many, many people and in an attempt to prevent this information from being known, he, Epstein needed to be disposed of, thankfully, they were too late as all that information is already known by the patriots who are behind The Plan.

This is called word magic folks, always remember one thing if nothing else is that nothing and I do mean NOTHING is as it appears to be on the surface level, it is only by going down into the belly of the best that you will start to understand the depths of all this , don’t be afraid as it only has power if you agree to and play along with the illusion that this system “Program” is trying to create. Just be aware.

these deep state members will never give up until they are either dead or in prison locked away for life.  And even then, I wonder if they will ever give up.

So as in the video below, “The Plan To Save The World” it will show you in simple terms what this deep state is and what the patriots are doing to rid ourselves of this pure evil and their ways off this planet forever.

Gender, race, politics, it’s all been weaponized by the deep state, they use their media assets (propaganda machine) to push out their lies and deceptions with just about everything and people who may not have the time to research simply rely on the MSM (FAKE NEWS) for their information and so this is all they know, but the problem is, is that the crap their pushing out ts mostly all lies and deception and done so with purposeful intent.

People of all walks of life, not just the gay community are being systematically brainwashed with all this utter crap, it’s very sad and it’s hard to deal with on my level of understanding, but this is why we have so many issues today, people ignore their own intuitions, not because their bad people but because their being duped into believing they are less than those who are actually controlling them.  This is mass hypnoses and brain washing

Music: (1) The 5th Dimension ♒︎ AQUARIUS ♒︎ Let The Sunshine In

listen carefully to the words of this and what Its actually attempting to tell you, I believe this song is much more than just a song, in fact, I think it’s a message from higher realms, realms that we can’t always or easily understand or see and yet we now know that these other Dimensions exist, this one song happens to be by a group called no other than “The Fifth Dimension” that came out in late 60’s and a song called “Aquarius” of all things.  I’ve always wondered what these folks knew when creating this 60’s classic, have a listen for yourself and see if you see past the surface, it’s there for anyone who chooses to see and feel.

Here are the lyrics to the song:
When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius
Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation
When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius
Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in
Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in
Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in,…


“The Plan to Save the World” is a video put together by a guy known on the internet as “JoeM” who has created many amazing videos projects of various subject matter in this “#GreatAwakening” we are now experiencing.
This video will give you a basic idea of a plan that’s been in motion now since November 8th 2017 to conquer this pure evil that has caused many of our problems and issues on this earth. It’s not going to be easy but nothing can stop what is coming and it’s going to be biblical, this much I can tell you, how this all happens and the play by play I can’t tell you, but this is going to be a HUGE REVOLATION in our collective evolution.  

Since this video “The Plan To Save The World” come out, today we know have 151.002 sealed indictments, in the US the average indictments have always been 1000 – 1200 a year, however, since October 2017 this number suddenly increased to an average of 5100/month and today we have a total of 151 thousand, also important to note here are the number of resignations that have taken place and this global number is now 11046 from many of these cabal members who operated some of the companies around the globe that was all part of this machine takeover of the planet but It’s now all crashing down.

We still have a shit load of work to do but the big chunks are being dismantled by Mostly true American Patriots and patriots from all over the world, the media will have you believe otherwise as they are constantly attacking this movement because they know what is coming next, it’s inevitable, will it be easy, nope.

Freedom has never been free, it’s has been and will likely continue to be a battle for all of time, this is why that it’s important they we learn and know our history for societies reluctant in learning become doomed to repeat the cycle of this madness.

This information may be hard to digest, you may even instantly reject it and this is certainly understandable because it has never been part of the illusion of the game, the cabal or Deep State and many of its factions have attempted to suppress this information, but it’s now to late, Pandora’s box has now been opened and there is literally no closing that book, it was written long ago that all truth shale be known, I learned that many moons ago myself an I never really knew what that meant until recently and now, it’s as clear and real to me as never before.

Everything is connected to everything else, that’s why writings like this one are so hard, I could literally go on olive branch to olive branch and never actually finish the story, all this is just a small portion of the collective evolution, I am just one man, a cog in the wheel of creation itself, I’d not have the answers and at the end of the day, I often end up having more questions

Always remember, nothing is as it appears to be on the surface levle, if what we think we know is a Drop, than what we don't know becomes an Ocean.