Fake News - Real News That is Now Surrounding Us

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This blog is about exposing the truth of whats going on in our world, what and the way of Corona Virus or COVID-19 and much, much more. some truths will be hard for many to handle so proceed at your own risk. but we feel very strongly that this information is important for as many as possi

Follow the White Rabbit.

Nothing is as it appears on the surface, the Mainstream media FAKE NEWS is constantly pushing fake, phony and faults information why? it’s to keep as many of you as possible in total fear why? because for eons of time, this is how the Deep State, Cabal bad guys have controlled you and sadly, this has been the case at least up until now as a very effective tool but this sick game by these sick people are now coming to an end.

Today, we have what General Michael Flynn refers to as Digital Soldiers (VIDEO) , these Digital Solders are what is replacing the Main Stream FAKE NEWS Media, in order to maintain this narrative the Deep State initiated one of their tools now known as the Corona Virus o COVID-19, yes this was a plan developed many years ago, check the patients… however, the Patriots and good guys including Trump and his administration have been communicating with us since October 29th 2017 why? because this is how you bypass the FAKE NEWS MSM who have done everything in their power to prevent this information from getting out in mass,

The platform used to accomplish all this was first 4chan then 8Chan and now 8kun and a board on those platforms known as #Q, #QAnon, #GreatAwakening, #wwg1wga.

The media have been hell bent on attacking the Q boards and its mission why? because the attempted to direct people away from the truth.

What is Q? Q is basically a Intelligence Dissemination Program used to communicate with We The People using back channels of the WWW made up of Digital Soldiers and what we now know as Bread Makers who are the ones who decode and talk about some of the amazing revelations that Q has posted and then inform the general public of what is going on. some people and the Deep State and their propaganda Machine known as the MSM or Mainstream Media continually attack all this why? if Q is all fake and just a LARP, then why such attention and attacks?

Watch the videos below and stay in the loop, stop listening to the Media.
Check out the Q Drops:  https://qmap.pub/?css=light

Also on the above link, on the left hand side of the page you will see icons, these pints to the now 157,694 sealed indictments, one tab has information on the number of worldwide resignations that have taken place since October 29th 2017 another tab has information about the global pedophilia and child trafficking information, another tab has a list of all the Executive Orders signed by President Donald J. Trump pay particular to EO signed on December 21st, 2017 about human trafficking and crimes against humanity.

We are at war folks, like it or not, believe it or not, this war has been playing out mostly running invisible to the average person, we are now in the Storm, things are about to get very interesting so pay attention, relax, just be aware.


This page will be updated everyday with new information to help keep you as up to date as possible, I also incurage you to listen to others as well, such as other YouTube Channles like SGT Report, Truth and ArtTV, And We Knw, Destroying The Illusion with Jordan Sather,  I don;t agree with them on all points, whats important to remember, no one individual has the full truth. No One. truth does not belong to me or to you, it belongs to no one, truth just is and it is your responsibility always. do some research of your own and come to your own conclusion but stop listening to the MSM FAKE NEWS as they are lying to you.

Things to think about - keep it in perspective

President Trump:

COVID-19 Coronavirus
U.S. cases: 1329
U.S. deaths: 38
Panic level: Mass hysteria

President Obama:

H1N1 Virus
U.S. Cases: 60.8 MILLION
U.S. deaths: 12,469
Panic Level: Totally chill

Do you all see how the media can manipulate your life?
Turn your TV off, it's lying to you constantly.
Per statistics, number of worldwide deaths, Jan-Feb 2Q2Q

2,360: Coronavirus
69,602: Common Cols
140,584: Malaria
153,696: Suicide
193,479: Road accidents
240,950: HIV Loss
358,471: Alcohol
716,498: Smoking
1,177,141: Cancer




Saint Corona

There is a Saint Corona, And she is the Patron Saint against plague and epidemics.




On the Q Board there is a map showing the now 157,694 Sealed Indictments MAP


Ironically, the image below shows you the Indictment map and compared to the outbreak of the majority of the Coronavirus, interesting that they line up almost perfectly... coincedence?