Corona Virus COVID-19 Cover Operation 2Q2Q

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Corona Virus COVID-19 Cover Operation 2Q2Q, Q, the plan

Trust the Plan...
Corona Virus COVID-19 Cover Operation 2Q2Q
March 13th 20


A bit of back history of our nation, going back to the Presidency of John F, Kennedy is a good starting point although our nation’s history extends far even this period of time, maybe more on that later.

President John F. Jenney Signed Executive Order [EO-11110] on June 4th 1963 Wiki/ Executive_Order_11110 and  Executive Order 11110 as you’ll soon learn or in some cases relearn EO 11110 was an Order to eliminate the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank (private bank) and ave it absorb back into the US Treasury where it Constitutionally belongs, however we all know what happened next 10 days after Executive Order 11110  was singed, Kennedy was assonated (coincidence) doubtful, as there are no coincidences. This is just a short history, however there is much more to learn about in these historic events.

Why am I bringing this up?

Yesterday exactly March 27th 2020 exectly 1111 days after President Donald J. Trump’s first joint chief of staff meeting, Trump successfully Ended the Federal Reserve, both Secretary Mnuchin and Donald J. Trump are now two of the top head chair of the US Treasury as well as the Fed in its current position and Trump is now the Head Chair of the Fed and get this… Trump and team did this on March 27th 2020 at exactly 11:11am now look at all those 1111’s that keep popping up coincidence? I think not… think logically not emotionally. If you’re still following along and find yourself being triggered all because the (Trump) Name is being used, then you are acting in ignorance and you need to let go of your EGO and fast. Because you’re missing the much bigger picture you officially have a mental block and you might want to figure out where that’s coming from, most likely it’s the media, but that’s your issue, think Big, try and think beyond your own ignorance.

Don’t you see this is much bigger than me, this is much bigger then you and yes, this is much bigger then Trump so get over it already. Ok enough of my little rant… let’s move on…

Oh and one more thing…, hoping that Trump, The President Of the United States fails is as illogical as hoping that the pilot of the plane you’re on fails, think about that for just a minute. Again, think logically and toss out whatever nonsensical emotional BS reactions you might be having. OK, I’m done ranting. LOL..

Anyway, now most of us know that there is a Deep State, this deep state has been for eons are the same people (entity) who killed Kennedy are Deep State members, most all of congress, most all of the senate on both sides of the isle including the judicial system, our whole nation was infiltrated by these criminal Deep State for a long time, hundreds of years actually.  Trump and the real patriots are now taking our nation back from these criminals and Deep State Actors and this move yesterday and ending the fed is just one of many operations going on more less behind the scenes.  

Make no mistake folks, we are at war… this war however is more less a spiritual war between Dark and Light forces, this war has gone on virtually invisible, most people for one reason or another, mostly because people are distracted for many various events all propagated by the Deep State using their MSM media assets to convince you of the lies they tell you and then constantly ram these lies down your throat almost on a minute by minute bases. And clearly they have ramped up these efforts as it’s getting worse by the day, why? Well to me it’s fairly obvious, it’s because now the Deep State knows their days are now numbered and just like a Rat, the Deep State are now lashing out in total desperation and fear, it’s so obvious today that you truly need to be totally brain dead not to see what’s happening. And yet, so many still insist that the MSM media FAKE NEWS is your friend, but it is not, if nothing else, trust me on this much.

For those of us who us paying attention and following the Q Drops and connecting all the dots and putting them together, we are more informed, what is Q? Q is basically a Military Operation or Intelligence Dissemination Program Why and who is running this Operation? The quick answer is that it’s mostly top military intelligence

This is why the Dems, the Media and the Deep State as a whole need to eliminate Trump no matter what it takes, Trump and the patriots way before trump even ran for office devised a plan to take back control of our nation, the Deep State likes It just the way it so they could continue to enslave us all with virtually everything, the Deep State literally Hates you, they hate me, they hate your kids and they hate this nation, once they lose control of the Federal Reserve their done, that time is NOW and it’s too late for them, GAME OVER, we still have some clean up but that last big hurdle is coming now during this lock down, and  I believe at this point from what I understand, April 10, 2020 the deep state will be gone.

Ironically or not, April 10 2020 equates to 4 10 20 and if we decode this using Gematria 4 10 20 = DJT or Donald J. Trump coincidence?  
Nothing in secrete shale not be made manifest…

There is a lot more to this going on and it gets fairly complicated, but in essence, this corona virus is being used as Cover for Mass Arrest all over the globe, this is why it was important to allow the deep state use three created virus and turn it against the enemy and to use it as cover for much bigger operations and the deep state had no idea, but just like the Mueller report against Trump, the Ukraine Phone call and the Impeachment all failed, so too will this Corona virus fail, make no mistake, the virus is real and people are being hurt and even killed from it, however, the good guys, Patriots also infiltrated Wuhan china where this virus was manufactured and changed out the deep states deadly virus with another far less destructive, in fact, it more resembling the flu like symptoms than anything, while this is still going on, the so called Corona is far less destructive then the common flu, the common flu actually kills between 27.00 to 70,000 people just in the US alone, so as yourself, where is the hysteria over that?  It’s the media blowing this all out of proportion why?  The Media is controlled by the deep state, it’s the propaganda arm of the Deep State so of course their going to do what their Masters tell them, the media has always been compromised in the US make no mistake.
So this is why the corona virus is being used as cover, now here is the basic plan.

Trojan Horse - The Plan

Step 1 – Get civilians and children off the streets, Close down School and Public Events such as Sporting events, Airports etc., etc. to prevent the Cabal from doing mass shootings, or to take revenge.

Step 2 – Quarantine – Cover for Mass arrest “self-quarantine” is the World Leaders and Hollywood Celebs version of the CEO “Resignation”

Step 3 – Shut down Airports and Boarders = No Escape for Cabal “Earthquake” IN Glen Falls NY = destroying remaining DUMB hide out and shuttles.

Step 4 – Capture/Execute Cabal figure heads and celebs swiftly, without having to RED PILL the Public which can come later, after the dust settles.

Step 5 – 0% Payroll Tax, extend 4/15 Tax Deadline = Restructure the IRS Cut off Tax Revenue corrupt IRS funneling to cabal.

Step 6 – Draining the Swamp Operation…. Disguised as Public Health Safety Response.

Genius Patriot Plan…

In conclusion, there is much to be learned about our world, so much has been a pack of lies sold to us in a bill of deceptions, this what I have shared here is not even 1 millionth of the whole and I myself do not have all the answers or know everything and I have been researching and studying this stuff for going on 26 years.

Just with what I know, I could literally write to you every day for the rest of my life and never actually finish the story and there is a lot, lot more, a whole lot more…

Always remember this if nothing else, if what we think we know could be represented as a Drop, than it is feasible to say that what we don’t know becomes an Ocean.

So my advice to all of you reading this is this…  drop the ego, unlearn everything you think you know and relearn the real history, understand that you have been lied to your whole life, we all have but guess what? #WWG1WGA – Where We Go One We Go All.

Study and come to your own conclusions, truth cannot be told to you, it can only be learned by you and unfortunately there is no easy way around this fact, you have to put the work in, myself and many, many others can help and guide you, but ultimately it’s going to be your responsibility. Freedom, that is, true freedom has never been free, it’s a never ending work in progress.

You are now left with exactly 2 choices, either take the Blue Pill and continue to deny and pretend that all is fine in wonderland, or take the Red Pill and see just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

I know what I did, what about you?